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Coldwell and Pidgeon Families Tour de Minervois


JUNE 2017

The biking will consist of daily bikes ,all commencing from the chateau and heading out from there into the surrounding countryside, stopping for lunches and returning home in the early afternoon leaving lots of time for rest before the dinner hour.

There are  many routes we can take from 3 to 5 hours. Some with challenging climbs but this is not a race and we can stop along the way to smell the lavender, rosemary and thyme. For those that get lost or delayed we will have pick up men on bikes gather up the strays and bring them back to the herd.

It is really up to you how demanding it will be but remember the quicker you get to the designated spot for lunch the sooner you can quench that thirst and hunger. A must for one lunch is the Hotel D’Albert in Caune Minervois.

The tour will pass through such picturesque, historic sites as Minerve,Caune Minervois,Pezenas,Limoux and through the many villages along the Canal de Midi. I will have maps made out for the day highlighting the route to be taken and the spot to have our lunch (restaurant or picnic along the road).

Bring your own bike or rent from Mellow Velos. Check out their website at

And for the cooking I know we are all pretty darn handy in the kitchen so this will be your time to shine. The meals will be a co-operative venture from a menu that includes some traditional dishes of the Languedoc with the local and seasonal vegetables and fruits.

The hub for cooking will be apartment #8 which has a chef’s gas stove and all the accoutrements.

There are good boulangeries and patisseries and charcuteries in the town and of course Tuesday being market day in Olonzac we can stock up on everything we need.

The indigenous people drink a local spirit called wine that is grown and produced in the area in abundance and of very good quality. I suggest you give it a try.

Traditional dishes we have to make are duck confit ,cassoulet,and saucisson.
I welcome any input you have and look forward to making it happen.